Beaver Pelt


Fur Grades are based on size and quality of the fur for each species.  All grades and species may not be available at all times.
Shipping and Handling costs are:
For orders up to $50:  Shipping and Handling Charge =   $10
For orders up from $50 to $100: Shipping and Handling Charge =   $16
For orders over $100: Shipping and Handling Charge =   $25
For volume discounts or to arrange for pick-up of fur purchases contact Bruce Martin at

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Castor canadensis, is the largest rodent in North America. It is easily recognized by its large, flat, bare, scaled tail and fully webbed rear feet.

Beaver range in North America includes most of the United States and southern Canada. The beaver had an important role in early colonization of North America, as trappers came in search of pelts.

Fur Grade

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