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  1. To develop the leadership for the advancement of the best interests of the trapper and the fur industry.
  2. To inspire in our membership the desire to practice the ethics of true sportsmanship towards others who wish to enjoy the recreation and pleasure of the outdoors.
  3. To cooperate with duly recognized conservation organizations in the furtherance of the objectives of the trapping fraternity.
  4. To aid and cooperate with law enforcement agencies in bringing about the apprehension and just punishment of any person who molests, disturbs or steals traps set by another or who releases or steals fur bearing animals caught by another.
  5. To discourage and help eliminate unjust and fraudulent practices in the marketing of raw fur.
  6. To oppose and demand revision and/or repeal of any law or regulation which is biased and or discriminative towards the trapping fraternity.
  7. To oppose any organizations or combination thereof whose activities are motivated by avarice or fanaticism, or whose designs are detrimental to the interests of the trapping fraternity.
  8. To oppose any proposed legislation which could impose unreasonable restrictions on the taking of fur bearing animals or the sale of pelts.
  9. To educate in the proper methods of taking animals in traps, so as to eliminate unnecessary distress.
  10. To educate in the proper handling and care of raw fur.
  11. To cultivate a feeling of good will and natural understanding through a proper respect of the rights of land owners at all times.
  12. To promote sound management for the conservation of furbearers in the State of Vermont.
  13. To promote the wearing and use of native American fur.


The VTA supports the above objectives in the following ways:

  • Donates 7-30 sponsorships to the Green Mountain Conservation Camps each year.
  • Donates 1-4 five hundred dollar college scholarships each year.
  • Donates a Lifetime Hunting/Fishing license to a VT youth each year.
  • Partners with the VT Fish & Wildlife Department to present an Advanced Trapper Education Course every two to three years.
  • Holds a Rendezvous each year with numerous education demo’s  provided by knowledgeable individuals.
  • Sets up at 5-10 events (Fairs/Guns Shows and Yankee Sportsmen’s Classic) to educate public on furbearers and trapping and promote the wearing of fur.
  • Maintains awareness of legislative issues that may impact trappers.
  • Maintains membership in many state and national organizations (NTA, FTA, Sportsmen’s Alliance, VT Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs).
  • Produces a Fur Auction each year for members to sell their catch and learn more about proper fur handling techniques.
  • Previous sponsor for VT’s Becoming an Outdoor Woman program.
  • Makes numerous other donations each year to support initiatives in other  states that could ultimately impact VT trappers and outdoors people.
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